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Welcome to Charlie loves Dog Walking! We are a sister site to Charlie loves Halifax - the premiere website for all things dog friendly in the Halifax Regional Municipality since 2002 - we are now offering dog walking services, focusing on the Spryfield area of the Municipality.

We offer individual dog walks, group walks and off leash experiences for your dogs - and we also offer a service that's never been seen before in the HRM - we will deliver your dog to your workplace so that you can walk home with your dog!  Wouldn't that be nice to do - instead of taking the bus home, or walking home alone - walk home with your best friend!

Contact us and we will pick up your dog and deliver him to you - and you can start off your evening with a fabulous walk with the person who listens to you like no one else does!

We offer free consultations to see what kind of dog walks would be best suited to your dog's needs - an on leash walk in your own neighbourhood, an onleash walk with other like-minded dogs, or an off-leash romp on his own in a neighbourhood off leash park - or best of all - an off leash play session with other happy dogs - all will be about 1 hour in length - and there will be varied routes to keep things exciting for your dog.

Contact us at dogkisser@gmail.com for more info and we can get to know each other better!

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